Meet Fito Plancstone

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Role: Sacred ceremony space facilitator, musician, sound healer, artist, massage therapist, sacred masculine circles

“Hola, I am Fito Plancstone. I was born in Peru, home of the sacred mother Ayahuasca. I live in the sacred valley using my art to heal and transform people’s lives. I really enjoy sharing what I have learned throughout my short life.

My values ​​are: respect to the sacred feminine as well as masculine, humility, compassion, and gratitude. I vibrate in the frequency of the highest love to channel the purest light. I care about being balanced so that I can live freely and relate in a healthy, honest, deep, and true way.

I dedicate my life to being in service through music, sound therapies, meditations, massages, handcrafts, I love building instruments, I teach singing in order to release the power of the voice and open the energetic blocks around the thoughts. I facilitate mindful breathing classes using the Digeridoo and its healing properties. I teach capoeira and I like tapioca.

I grew up with my grandmother, a white witch who helped heal the illnesses and energies of many people until today. This is how I have learned from a very young age how to use plants, aromas, and prayers to cure others.

My mother died of cancer when I was only one year old which was a very traumatic experience for me and has affected my life dramatically. I have developed protective mechanisms around me towards feelings of abandonment, lack of mother’s love, fears of loneliness, and losing loved ones.

I compensated my pain with overeating, thus making myself sick with overfat. I could not breathe well enough anymore to the point that an internal voice shook and woke me up. I understood if I continue not looking at my shadows I will die. Suddenly a guardian angle put a digeridoo in my path. I realized that this is my tool to heal my way of breathing, eating and thinking, living, laughing, enjoying everything, making beautiful connections, sharing myself, and understanding other people’s processes.

Thus awakened much of my internal patterns and I started dreaming of traveling to the jungle of Iquitos where I could discover more about my ancestors’ linage.
My family for many generations has been healers and shamans, that is why I felt the call to learn more about their traditions, healing arts, and ways to prepare and diet their master plants, including the great grandmother Ayahuasca.

There I have studied and accompanied in various ceremonies. The path of unconditional love was opened for me. After a while, I went traveling through South America to study more.

Not only the plants healed me, but above all the music, so life has guided me to learn: rhythms, songs, art, creating crafts, working with my hands, sharing from my heart.

Until today I follow the voice of the great spirits that guide me and take care of me unconditionally.

I always trust that everything is possible and that I must not resist because behind these limitations of my mind I find an ocean of infinite possibilities. I understand that everything that exists is my own creation, in this way I see that it is a game or a dance to look at you and get to know me.

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