Meet Abbey Sykes


Role: Sacred ceremony space facilitator, Cacaoista, musician, integration circles, sacred feminine circles, yoga teacher, Spiritual & Lifestyle coach

My Spiritual Awakening happened in January 2020 when I sat with the Sacred Plant Medicine Ayahuasca for the first time. This experience unearthed in me a deep paradigm shift in the way that I viewed myself, others, and life itself.

I had always fit so well into The System and a lot of my perceived self-value came from external achievement and pleasing others. I was acting from a place of survival and very driven by my masculine energy of “getting stuff done”. I was not showing up fully in life because I was stuck in the past and afraid of the future. I was living from the mind rather than from the heart, trying to control rather than receive. I was a victim – blaming other people for my feelings rather than taking full responsibility by using my triggers as catalysts for transformation. I had no idea of the emotions in my body or how to sit with them and accept them. I was conditioned by the role of Good Girl – not expressing myself, unable to say no, unable to remain centered when things were not OK. I was resisting life and without realizing it, I wasn’t free.

Soon after this Awakening, the transformation started unfolding without me having to do anything. Beautiful people who were a vibrational match started coming into my life; I was called to start working with the sacred plant medicine of Cacao; I became more authentic with friends and family; I made lifestyle changes and said no to behaviours that kept me in a low vibrational state; I studied Coaching and Emotional Intelligence; and I left my job in Corporate Recruitment in order to dedicate myself full time to the work of personal transformation and healing.

As the process of metamorphosis took root within me, I began to reconnect to my Divine Feminine Essence. I had grown up rejecting my Feminine aspect – I judged other women for being feminine: for wearing make-up, for expressing their emotions, for being sexual, for talking about their cycle, for speaking softly, for being “weak”.  Of course, this was never about other women but was rather a rejection of the part within me that wanted to rise up.

Having worked through this rejection of my own Femininity, I now feel a deep connection to the Divine Feminine and in particular to accompany women in their own growth path towards authenticity and liberation.

What I am most grateful for about discovering Ayahuasca is that I am now living the life of my dreams. I wake up every day to the magic and mystery and wonder of life, which is something that I was unaware of because beforehand it was simply outside my frame of reference.


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