Marlene Aiwinyana

Role: Sacred ceremony space facilitator, musician, kambo medicine therapist, energy healer, massage therapist, yoga, breathwork, and meditation practitioner

Aiwinyana Marlene the Cosmic flower is a Medicine woman and has a big toolbox full of magic. She holds a sacred space inside the ceremonies, she is a musician, medicine woman, Kamboo therapist, yoga and meditation instructor, serves the sacred medicines

”I am Aiwinyana Marlene, born and raised in a little village in the mountains of Germany.

My main energy vibration is divine love and divine power. I came to planet earth from the Pleiadian Starseeds to share healing energy, hold sacred space where there is no judgment but trust, compassion, understanding, and pure love. 

The life force of the cosmic flower, of high-frequency beings, faeries, Masterplants, mother earth, and the universe is flowing through me, so I express myself through music, art, dance, movement, words, and besides that, I share massage, channel light codes, shamanic reiki, and psychic tarot card readings.

A couple of years ago I had no clue about any of this, but my soul followed a strong inner calling of changing my desperate situation which getting depression due to working in a corporate job. I forgot what was my purpose in life, I thought I had no talents and nothing profound to share with others. I lost my joy, my self-esteem, self-trust, etc. until I met my first teacher, who initiated me in something completely different: energy healing, which, now I understand, was an initiation to my own inner spiritual awakening.

After that, I quit my job and went to Sri Lanka, learned ayurvedic massage, followed another inner calling, and traveled to the Peruvian Amazonas. There I met a 92-year-old shaman with whom I sat the first time, drinking the sacred Medicine (she), Ayahuasca, Madrecita, Abuela, Amor de mi Vida.

I remember I was very scared because I thought she could change my life or keep me in a weird place that I do not know and honestly she did, completely. She opened my heart, she showed my old, destructive belief patterns that I took on from where ever and stopped me from living in a bright shining flow. She made me realize that I am not separated from anything, the contrary: that I am an important unique expression within the whole universal construction and that I have beautiful skills to share with all that crosses my path. My relationship with my family improved immensely. She cleaned out my tubes and activated my channels for the divine flow…. and she keeps doing it. I feel infinite gratitude, humbleness, and appreciation.

Since then I keep coming to the Jungle to study Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants, to learn from Curanderos (Shamans, Medicine Man, Magicians, Yogis, etc.), and to grow and get stronger on this path. 

This is such a deep blessing and gift of mother earth and while flying in other dimensions and realms, it is so important to stay rooted and connected to this 3D here, therefore I also discovered other spiritual practices for me like various types of yoga, dance, martial arts, etc. 

Plant Medicine is not a wonder-pill that makes all your problems disappear, but it is a magical tool to gain the deepest understanding of your inner world and helps to push you in the right direction of a healthy, authentic, and happy you. Life is a sacred ceremony.”

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