Meet Inesa Love

Archetype: Grandmother, Visionary, Spiritual wild warrior, Truthseeker. With a big heart and a great capacity to love,  inspired by life itself, deeply connected to my spirit animals – wild cats, finding my ground and balance in Mother Earth and being guided by the spirits of Master Plants.

Role: Mother of Dadirria, retreat host, sacred ceremony space facilitator, integration circles facilitator, sacred feminine circles facilitator, cacao ceremony facilitator, spiritual life coach, 1 on 1 integration coach.

My mission is to create a sacred space where we humbly, respectfully & lovingly share the medicine with those who feel the call, with the main intention to help, be present & support people through the process. My vision is to create a positive ripple effect in this world and participate in a collective awakening by focusing on service through sacred plant medicine and the medicine of my soul.

Medicine takes us through a re-birth process. I see this work as peeling away the layers that are not in alignment with who we truly are and who we are becoming so that we can discover our true inner light and shine in it fully. As well as re-discover the beauty, the magic, and the mystery that LIFE is and all that exists. There is so much that we don’t know and can’t understand until we open ourselves up to a new way of seeing things. Once we are able to see beyond what we have always known – I must say that life gets very interesting!

I believe that it takes one person at a time to make a change happen on a larger scale. I visualize people bringing back home what they have learned and discovered and therefore create a ripple effect on others. As well as I pray for each one to recognize the divinity within and therefore learn how they can be of service to others and Mother Earth.

About me: I am just a humble woman from a small country in the East of Europe called Lithuania. I moved out when I was 18 and since lived in different places around the world.

My work with Master Plant Medicines started in Barcelona, Spain, where during my first ever Ayahuasca retreat I have felt a strong calling to work with the medicine. It absolutely took me by surprise, all I did was surrendered. I decided to take a break from online coaching & dive deeper into the sacred medicine world with a vision to learn more and do my own inner work so that I can help people inside this field. (Just a side note: our inner work never ends! It’s a lifelong process, continuous expansion and self-evolution) Following this path has taken me to Peru, the land of the medicine.

I find the greatest inspiration in Life itself. I am in love with what life has to present to me whilst drinking the juice of an abundant present moment now. I feel deeply connected to Mother Earth, I find her to be my greatest teacher, always. I find great treasure in Plant Medicines, I learn from it constantly, connect with its Spirits, & I see the Spirits of Master Plant Medicines being my greatest masters, guides, and allies.

I trust Mother Earth in guiding and protecting me & I listen to the Spirits of Plant Medicine to direct me. I trust the universe, I surrender to it as often as I can, because I know that trying to control the outcomes which I have no control of – won’t take me anywhere. I am finding a balance between my mind and my heart space, understanding the duality of reason and feeling, learning to expand my mind whilst listening to my intuition more than I listen to my limited thoughts. Mind is not a demon to fight against,  and I didn’t know it until recently. Learning to use my mind consciously whilst being fully connected to my heart is the harmony I seek.

I am purely devoted to service. Service to humans, service to love, service to Mother Nature, service to Master Plant Medicines. As I humble myself, they teach me more than I can teach myself or any book can teach me. As I listen to their lessons, they remind me to come back home to myself, always. The greatest knowledge is inside of me. I know the answers, they guide me back to my center, to my inner knowing. And I believe such a master, teacher, a guide that guides you back to yourself is the best kind of master.

Plant Medicine constantly reminds me of service, pure service, and devotion to it. It reminds me of how do I want to serve. I want to be there for people, truly be there for people, with my open heart and my open mind. Ready to listen, listen with my ears, listen with my heart, in my full presence. That’s the best I can give to someone – love & my presence. Everything that is being born out of it – is pure magic.

The above hasn’t been my story forever. I wouldn’t say I was the girl who was deeply in love with life, who was finding the tastiest juice in the present moment now nor my greatest inspiration used to be Life in itself. But that’s just another story…

I was the rejected girl, the one who wasn’t fitting in the boxes, who questioned too much, who was too weird, who rejected the rules. I was the girl who carried around the traumas and past experiences on her shoulders and allowed that heavy load to control her present moment. I recreated a lot of traumas myself, I have been playing a victim often, I hesitated to make decisions that felt right to please others, I used sex, alcohol, drugs to numb my emotionality, to numb my reality, to numb my truth. My family was emotionally unavailable, they carried the trauma’s on their shoulders whilst passing them on to others. Many things have traumatized me, but I don’t blame them – they didn’t know any better. We only do as good as we know at that very moment. Without such experience, I wouldn’t be where I am now, and I am so blessed to had experienced all that I did, as in the end, I learned to use pain as an opportunity to grow.

I was living in my own prison, locking myself in deeper and deeper with every step I took, but how could I know I live in the prison when that prison is the only reality you have?

I see this story repeating itself in many of us. Until we truly let go of all that’s weighing us down, until we heal and transform, until we come home to ourselves, until we remember who we truly are, until we find the courage and align with our soul, until we learn to tap into our truth and speak it loudly, until we come back to our hearts & open them up widely, until we create from the heart space – we are often caged. And just like a mouse, running in its cage, spinning the same wheel not knowing where it’s going and where it comes from, we are often stuck in our own cages, spinning the wheel not knowing where we come from nor where we are going to, not knowing who we are nor what we truly want.

Plant Medicine helps us observe ourselves beyond these cages, beyond the cages of our own, society, family, religion, culture. It allows us to see beyond our own prisons and it encourages us to make changes. It guides us back home to who we truly are. It opens a door for deep spiritual awakening. It helps us remember the mystery and magic that life is. It guides us through our own metamorphosis, the re-birth, from caterpillar to butterfly.

At Dadirria retreats I can hold your hand while you walk through your door of awakening, or I can hold space and sit with you in silence. I can listen to you, I can guide you, or I can simply meditate with you. You are the reason I do this. I am here for you. Your transformation will make the world a better place. You are a big part of the puzzle. You matter, to me, to us, to Mother Earth, to the world, to the Universe. I love you. We love you.

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