Meet Hannes Jacobsson

Role: Father of Dadirria and retreat host, Sacred Ceremony Space Facilitator, Rapé ceremonies, Integration & Masculine circles.

Archetype: Adventurous pioneer and innovator with strong masculine energy. A still warrior that brings harmony and balance by mindful presence.

“There’s no better place to start changing the world than within yourself.”

My vision is to create a sacred space where deeper understandings of oneself and the reality we live in are to be discovered. I dream about a world where humans will co-exist with nature and approach life with open hearts and mindful presence. Plant Medicines (and Ayahuasca especially) have been my greatest teachers throughout my life that once started in Sweden. It has answered the questions I long carried and taught me the lessons that I had yet to ask. 

For me, being in an empowering environment with inspiring individuals who are walking on this planet in service to Mother Earth and all living beings has made all the difference. Dadirria is my way of giving back. It’s my invitation for more people to discover parts of themselves that have been hidden in subconsciousness for too long.

As the seeker and adventurer I’ve always been; Madre Ayahuasca helped me find home. She helped me find the home within myself. I searched for something more in 7 countries, 18 cities, 31 jobs, 4 businesses, endless pages of information and knowledge that only reached my logical mind  – but it never satisfied me. I, or I should say my soul, always had the deeper knowing that it was something more to life. When I couldn’t search for anything more outwards, the only place to look next was inwards.

I wrote six words after my first experience with ayahuasca: “I have found the holy grail”.

She showed me something deeper within myself. A place I had yet to explore. A state of being I until that point did not know was possible to reach. 

At the time I am writing this I currently live in Peru. It’s sacred land that carries ancient wisdom which dates thousands of years back. Bringing these teachings, wisdom, and sacred medicine to Europe is something I do with the deepest humility and respect. I humbly bend my knees to the teachings Madre Ayahuasca shares and open my heart to what the universe gives me along with my journey. 

From my understanding, the answers to the deepest questions we are asking lie within ourselves. It is found in a  place of complete stillness and perfect harmony with the energetical frequencies universe excretes. Reaching this place can be a challenging journey and take many years, which is why Ayahuasca can be of such tremendous help. It’s a medicine where we actively participate in the process to uncover parts of ourselves in a mystical way. It can show us what is possible as we walk the path of life, and help us understand how to approach our reality as we move along. 

When we will be doing this life-changing journey together in Dadirria retreats, I will stand by your side. I will stand by your side as a brother, holding your hand and sharing my heart throughout the experience. 

I welcome you to take this chance to experience something more. Experience something beyond what we commonly define as the self. Beyond our own illusions. It can be a hard journey, but the rewards in the end will make it all worth it. 

Welcome to Dadirria, I am grateful beyond words to share this journey with you.

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