Meet Aleyda Cardenas


Role: Sacred Ceremony Space Facilitator, over 10 years of experience working with master plants, musician, integration circles facilitator, 1 on 1 integration coaching

Aleyda is a Medicine Woman born in Cusco, Peru, the spiritual center of the Andean World. Her cultural heritage and lineage led her to be a guardian of the Andean wisdom and Cosmovision based on the universal laws of “Munay” (universal love), “Llankay” (work and creation) and “Yachay” (wisdom and learning).

Since the age of 19, she has been learning and connecting with the master plants and is currently organizing healing retreats in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, holding spaces for Post Ceremony Integration and personal accompaniments in the Awakening of the Divinity and Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

Aleyda is a natural and intuitive empath, a loving and patient listener who deeply believes that every human being is a channel for Divinity to manifest. Part of the service and mission of her soul is to support women and men in the discovery of their inner light, as well as in shadow work through processes of observation, expression and transmutation based on unconditional self-love, gratitude and radical forgiveness.

Her journey and her personal history have not been easy, but allowed her to understand people’s emotional processes in a deep way. In her intimate sphere, she is a lover of music, alchemy, sacred geometry, poetry, plants and the arts, always at the service of the great mission of awakening the consciousness of Unity in all humanity and the return to ancestral wisdom of our native peoples.

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