Ayahuasca Retreat UK

A brief overview for people based in the UK who are planning to visit an Ayahuasca retreat UK.

One of the things keeping us stuck in one place is not being able to take a step to make a change, or not knowing where to begin. We may find ourselves stuck in an overwhelm of daily tasks, stuck in relationships we don’t enjoy, stuck in our heads, stuck in the job we don’t like, stuck in the business not being able to make it grow further, stuck in constant anxiety, stuck living in the past, stuck recreating the experiences that trigger our trauma’s, stuck feeling stressed every single day, stuck worrying too much what other people think of us, stuck worrying about the future.


There are so many places to be stuck at, and it surely doesn’t feel good. It feels as if we are paralyzed, not able to make a move, not being able to see another perspective to what is happening in our lives, not being able to take a step, or not even knowing where to begin. Life may feel like falling apart, with no connection to something deeper no more, no motivation, no inspiration.

The truth is – life is not falling apart. Feeling stuck and feeling as if your life is becoming chaos truly is an awakening call. Awakening call to try something different, try something new, use modalities that have been used for ages to help us learn more about ourselves, discover the fruit of life, change our perspectives, gain guidance and help to make a real change happen. And one of these modalities is called AYAHUASCA.


If you are from the United Kingdom, searching for a way out of your current reality to create a new reality for yourself, then we have something for you.

Ayahuasca is a brew that is made from two natural plants – ayahuasca vine & chakruna leaves. Ayahuasca has been used since ancient times, mainly in South America for different kinds of purposes. Some of these purposes were to heal the physical, emotional, or energetical body, to spiritually awaken, for religious purposes, for changing one’s life, and to reconnect with what truly matters.


As of today, people around the world still use Ayahuasca to help them with many different purposes. People rely on the wonderful benefits of Ayahuasca and it is not a coincidence it is becoming more and more popular around the world. Nowadays many of us are disconnected from ourselves, disconnected from what truly matters, disconnected from communities, from nature, are losing the sense of purpose, are feeling stuck in one’s own life – which is always a creation of oneself. 

Ayahuasca ceremonies are being led by an experienced medicine man, a shaman, a curandero, or a healer who prepares the brew, prays for it, and during the ceremony holds sacred space for people to be able to fully surrender to the medicine & allow it to do the work. Other facilitators are in the space as well, looking out for people, always present, always ready to act if anyone needs help or special assistance.


Ayahuasca served in a retreat setting is truly the best way to make a real change happen. It is possible to have a ceremony or two, but when you enter the space of a retreat, it is all about the full experience & making that experience last. A lot of special preparation and integration processes are used to make the best out of it. And this is what our team focuses very highly on – sacred space during ceremonies, in between ceremonies, special integration process with tons of activities to truly help people make the change happen and make that change last.

If you are from the UK looking to change your life whilst allowing Ayahuasca to help you do that, at the same time you are looking for a comfortable place, that is safe, trustworthy, non-judgmental, and, which is not that far away from you – then we are here for you. Our retreats are being held in the South of Portugal, 71 ha of private land in nature, ancient yet comfortable and modern house, special rooms for Yoga and Meditation led by highly experienced practitioners, ceremony space which is sacred, comfortable, with enough space to feel free yet with a good amount of helpers and an experienced medicine man, who comes from PERU just to serve at this retreat.


What makes Ayahuasca retreat significant is the fact that it gives you a healthier perspective in life after undergoing its process. It helps you meet and embody the higher version of you, it reminds you of your purpose, your gifts, your light, and your heart desires. It guides you towards the real change that you truly desire.

The retreat is located in an atmosphere where the spirit of nature, tranquility, and peace is all around. This allows you to journey through your process surrounded by privacy and nature, which ignites creativity and connection with the world around you. The food served in our retreat is prepared with special care and love, ayahuasca diet-friendly, vegan, farm-to-table, which helps you clean your body, your mind, your emotions, and your energy at an even deeper level. Food is our medicine too, it heals, nourishes, it can restore the balance inside of our organs.


Our guests are not only from the UK, but they are also from all over the Europe and sometimes outside of Europe, which creates an international environment. It helps us remember that no matter where we are from, we are all brothers and sisters, living on the same Earth, looking for similar answers, and doing similar work.

Are you ready to embark on the Ayahuasca journey? Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to meet and embody the higher version of yourself? Then we are here for you! Don’t wait and join our ever-growing community who joins the family of Dadirria to make real changes in their lives that truly last!

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