Inesa Love

Inesa Love calls herself a student of life. Her biggest inspiration is Life itself, her greatest teacher is Mother Earth, her wisest masters are Plant Medicines. She has first discovered life-changing qualities of Plant Medicine through Ayahuasca and since she has never looked back. She has immersed herself in Plant Medicine Work & Plant Medicine teachings with a vision to help herself first to be able to help others. She is a Spiritual Coach helping people heal, awaken and set free their most authentic, raw, natural essence. She helps people peel off the layers that are not in resonance with who they are, who they are becoming, and where they are going, so they can set themselves free, do what they love, and enjoy the juice of life to the fullest. She is also guiding people to make changes in their lifestyle, their habits, behaviors, patterns. Her core element in coaching is helping people embody higher versions of themselves so they can be deeply in love, wildly alive, abundant, mindful, empowered, peaceful, and free. She is also helping people through their preparation and integration process when it comes to Plant Medicine experience, she facilitates and organizes ceremonies & hosts retreats. She loves working with people and adores seeing them transform, evolve, grow, shine in their true colors! She believes in giving/holding space for people to do their own inner work so that they can shine bright in their light and create a ripple effect on others. It is one person at a time that makes a real change in the world happen.

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Healing trauma & letting go of past with Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca can be very helpful in the processing and healing of traumatic memories. Often times we carry the baggage on our shoulders, we have wounds deep inside of us, caused by traumatic experiences. Whether it’s physical, emotional, mental traumatic experiences – all of it leaves wounds. If we simply put a bandage on the wound …

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