About us

We are Inesa & Hannes, the mother and the father of Plant Medicine Valley. We’re students of life, explorers of the world, dedicated individuals to learning from Plant Medicines, ancient wisdom & life itself. We’re here to create space for the Medicine people to share their work & people seeking transformation to experience the safest journey possible into themselves.

How did we meet each other? Through the Sacred Plant Ayahuasca. She brought us together. We love her deeply for all that she is and all that she does, but we honour her even more deeply for bringing us together.

Now, let’s explore more about us & our journey…

Our self-development and spiritual quest journey have started way before we first encountered Plant Medicine. We always felt that there is more to life. We often felt like outsiders in our environment. We questioned too much, we rejected too many rules, we didn’t plainly & blindly accept what was told to us. We realized quite early in our lives that in order to create our lives in a way that we want to – we have to do the work, nobody else will do that for us. We realized that the victim mentality isn’t moving us forward, we knew that other people’s opinion, their criticism, and judgment is often just a reflection to their own fears and projections.

We had experienced a lot of rejection since our childhood, we have been wounded by the unhealed wounds of our family & society, we didn’t receive the love that we were seeking for, understanding that we thought we were worthy of.


We questioned societal norms, we questioned cultural rules and restrictions. We felt like we did not fit into the box. We knew we were in the box, and this box was getting too small for us. We knew that our potential is way beyond what we can imagine, but we didn’t quite grasp how to access it, how to awaken it, how to work with it.

At the same time, we felt locked in our own box, in our own cage. We knew we were meant for more yet something always stood in the way. Until we have learned we stand in our own way. Once you learn that – you can’t unlearn it. This is where our personal development and spiritual quest has truly begun.

Our quest for truth, personal growth, transformation and expansion truly was what saved us. Saved us from our own cages, cages of society, cages of others, cages of culture. Saved us from living locked in our own minds and the minds of others.

She saved us from limiting belief that we know it all (and many other limiting beliefs), because once we accept we don’t know – the gate opens into an EVER LEARNING reality… Into new realms and wisdom that can’t be accessed with a limited, caged mind. We trust that casually questioning: ‘What I don’t know? What I can’t see? What I can’t understand?’ rather than trying to pretend we know it all helps us open our minds and hearts to look deeper & see wider.

And so as we were walking on our self-development paths, Ayahuasca called us. We didn’t quite know why, we didn’t quite know why we should follow, but we previously heard that when Madre is calling – you better respond.

And so we responded. As we responded to this calling, we right away realized she will become a big part of our lives. She has shifted the perception of our reality once again, she helped us see what we couldn’t see before, she keeps teaching us every single day, she is our ally, our spiritual teacher, our wise master.



Through her we felt connected to other master plants, such as Rapé snuff, Huachuma, Tobacco, Psilocybin and others. Master Plants that are used in Plant diets and Master Plants that can be used regularly, such as Coca plant and Cacao.

Our Plant Medicine journey started in Barcelona, took us to facilitating Ayahuasca retreats in Spain, guided us to Peru to learn more about Master Plants from the Master Plant land herself, and in Peru the Medicine guided us to give birth to Plant Medicine Valley, give birth to our own retreats, give birth to more profound, deeper service. We are people of service, and how can we be of better service if not listening to someone bigger than ourselves, bigger than our limited minds, perceptions, beliefs & illusions?

Once we responded to the calling of giving birth to Plant Medicine Valley, our energy was increased to levels that it has never seen before. Everything just felt aligned, everything was falling into places, ideas were blossoming, paths were aligning, the magic of creating & expressing ourselves felt more magical than ever before.

Both of us are service oriented, heart centered people who have always had visions and dreams to help people, serve mother earth & do the best that we can to facilitate the awakening into a more loving, caring, compassionate reality. Every other job that we ever did, every project we took place in was oriented towards serving people. Yet, since diving deep into the Plant Medicine World, we knew there’s nothing better than following the calling of Plant Medicine & asking Mother Earth for guidance. People will find exactly what they need and they will be helped by Plants and by themselves, once they respond to the calling, follow it courageously, surrender and trust.

We see serving through Plant Medicine as a blessing in the sky. We get to create space for people who are much more experienced with Plant Medicines to share their work, share their medicine, help people, while we do the best we can to create a safe environment and unique integration program to help people make a change last. At the same time facilitate and help inside the sacred ceremonial spaces. We only serve medicines ourselves that the Spirit of Plants allow us to serve. Ayahuasca has not initiated us yet to serve her tea to others, but she guides us to people who are serving her in such a humble, loving & caring way.


So this is us, in a nutshell. Of service, deeply loving & curious! Inspired by life, guided by medicine, protected by mother earth!

We love you,

Can’t wait to connect.


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